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From Elizabeth


My Story

You don't realize what you have until it's gone. This sentiment has never meant more to me as it did when I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. It comes on slowly. While you are walking you trip occasionally, you notice that small gestures are slower than they used to be and you're talking to people but you are not making facial expressions when you think you are. All of these things happened to me but I didn't think anything of them. I went to a neurologist and he explained to me what was going on. I had to accept that I have Parkinson's disease. 

With Parkinson's disease you manage the symptoms. It is two steps forward and one step back every day. This is because there is no cure. Drive Away Parkinson's Inc. has been established to raise money to help find a cure.

3rd Annual Golf Outing July 22, 2019


At the Richmond County Country Club

The 3rd Annual Drive Away Parkinsons Golf Outing was held on Monday July 22, 2019.

Thank you to all that attended the Golf Outing and Dinner. A good time was had by all while money was raised  to help find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease . 

A special thank you to those that gave donations, raffle and auction items and their time as a volunteer. Your generosity is appreciated.


Thank You

Thank you to all the sponsors of the 3rd Annual Golf Outing and Dinner!

Canlon's Restaurant  /  Kettle Black and Ho Brah  /  Dr. Vincent Puccio  /  Dr. Michael Scotto  /  Victor Zando Foundation  /  Dorothea Zando  /  SoloFitness & Wellness  /  Joseph Motta MD. PC  /  Max's Es-ca Restaurant & Bar  /  Chocolate Fantasy  /  Timbil Mechanical  /  Florida State Fence   /  The Donohue Family  /  The Silvestri Family  /  The Massoni Family  /  The Family of Al Juliano Sr. / John Vincent Scalia Home for Funerals  /  Khanna Schultz Architects  /  Jerry Curran  /  Sapia Family and Jay Donovan  /  The Whitaker Family  /  Kenny Loggins, INC  /  Mike McKeever      

Help Spread Awareness

Pingry School Dress Down Day


Kayla Chin, a fourth grader at the Pingry school sponsored a Dress Down Day to raise money to donate to Drive Away Parkinsons. See the letter for information about the wonderful donation from Kayla and the students in Grades K through 5 of the Pingry School.

A special thank you goes out to the students, faculty and families from the Lower School at Pingry. Thank you for your generosity and support.  

A Caring Person in Florida


While in FL my cousins were wearing their Drive Away Parkinsons shirts. The cashier asked about the letter to see what happens.....

Racing in Disney


For the 2nd year in a row Michele represented Drive Away Parkinsons while running a Disney marathon.


Every dollar helps so please think about making a donation. Drive Away Parkinsons is a 501c3, Nonprofit Company. This means your donation is tax deductible. Donations can be made by check or using PayPal.

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